Ordering New Patch Designs

The Tipsy Gypsy

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If we don't have your patch on file:  

  Classic  Embossed:
  Our Library of tooling for leather patches is extensive and we enjoy adding to it whenever possible.
This is a costly process and our limited resources require us to consider carefully which designs we produce.  ,   We Require a 15 patch minimum order of the new patch when you place the order .  If you cant do a minimum , we can hold the artwork on file until there are enough people on board to do an order .

  • To  quote your patch in leather , We will need a good quality graphic in  jpg/ png or vector format . Tiny Gifs are usually not sufficient .   Embroidered patch samples lose much of the detail we need to produce a great patch in leather .  If its all that is available  we will do our best .
  • The Size  you wish the patch to be.
  • The color s of your present patch and  an ideal of what you want in leather, Vintage color or full color or brown tones .
  • Please ensure that the graphic you email us for quote is the version of the Patch you want made .
  •  If you change graphics in mid process we will need to re-quote the job . If you change graphics after approving and having us order tooling  we will have to charge you for the additional tooling costs . 
  • Making a new design takes time , Please contact us well in advance of  your need.

(904)-269-1369    or email us at     tgsales@tgpatch.com