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 FAQ: Start Here

  1. Are you making Navy patches and Nametags again ?
  2. Yes, The Navy approved a new license  for us. and we are stocking the webstore again.
  3. US Marine Patches and tags  are available  as well.
  1. How do I order a  Nametag ?
  2. You can place an order  at gypsypatch.com. I have a selection of tags available. Select what you want, fill in the options and  go through checkout. Tags are hand made  and can take up to 9 weeks in the busy season.   Please make sure your shipping address is correct.
  1. Do you make  SWO Surface Warfare Officer  nametags ? 
  2. Yes we do - You can find them at  our webshop at gypsypatch.com
  1. I don't see the Name tag I need on the webshop. Can I call it in or email it to you ?
  2. Email is best   just remember to include your details, wings, text line 1 & 2  Tag color and text color. If the tooling is available  Ill Invoice you when I pull the order for production. 
  1. I don't see Army or Airforce items. Can you make those for me ?  
  2. We don't hold the license to do those products on the web.
  4. I don't want to wait. Can I pay extra and get my order to the top of the que ?  
  5. often asked  but  there is no option available to do that.
  6. Our order is in work and we have several new check ins.  Can we add additional items?  Adding more items  lengthens the wait time for everyone behind you.  Please make sure  all additions are  included  with your final  numbers. No additions can be added after we start the work. You can get on the wait list for a follow up order at any time.
  1. I want a custom patch or nametag design.
  2.  To do an embossed patch I need to vectorize the artwork, Have tooling made and make a prototype patch that looks right. I can take a look at anything you want done and give you an honest quote or tell you up front if its something I cant do.
  1. Do you have a physical store  ?
  2.   No,  Website, email & phone orders only.
  4. Can I stop by and chat or pick up an order in person ?
  5. Sorry but no -  I am  not  zoned or staffed for  local traffic.
  1. Emergency Plan
  2. We live in a crazy unpredictable world. If  an extended Internet outage or worse happens  we will conduct business via landline & USPS  at (904) 269-1369  Good ideal to write this number down just in case.   Our mail address  The Tipsy Gypsy    1532 Arena Rd  Fleming Island, FL 32003
Licensed product sales -  We have license agreements with the Marine Corps and the Navy. I'm allowed to sell a limited amount of Patches and Name tags to Individuals not affiliated with an Active command. When this Cap is reached Im required to turn off sales of those items until the next license year begins.

Licensed Patches and name tags are listed for sale at Gypsypatch.com.

  NASA  Patches:  I have permission to make and sell two versions of the meatball  The Blue & Red  and the Black & white

Our Library of tooling for leather patches is extensive and we enjoy adding to it whenever possible.
This is a costly process and limited resources require us to consider the costs of tooling, prototypes and future sales when we  take on a new design. We Require a minimum order of the new patch when you place the order .  If you cant do a minimum , we can hold the artwork on file until there are enough people on board to do the order .  

  • To  quote your patch in leather , We will need a good quality graphic in  jpg or vector format . Tiny Gifs are usually not sufficient .   Embroidered patch samples lose much of the detail we need to produce a great patch in leather .  If its all that is available  we will do our best . I cant do single patch or nametag orders that require new tooling.
  • The Size  you wish the patch to be.
  • The color s of your present patch and  an ideal of what you want in leather, Vintage color or full color or brown tones .
  • Please ensure that the graphic you email us for quote is the version of the Patch you want made .
  •  If you change graphics in mid process we will need to re-quote the job . If you change graphics after approving and having us order tooling  we will have to charge you for the additional tooling costs . 
  • Making a new design takes time , Please contact us well in advance of  your need.

Once you approve the  quote We do a drawing of the patch and email it to you for approval or change. When the drawing is approved we order the tooling. Gypsy will make one prototype and email a photo for approval - The  colors can be changed  but the shape, size and design  are fixed.

(904)-269-1369    or email us at     tgsales@tgpatch.com