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 FAQ: Start Here

  1.  Navy patches and Nametags 
  2. I have a Navy IP  License which allows a limited amout of pre approved Items to be sold.  What I am  allowed to sell is subject to change .  
  1. Do you make  SWO Surface Warfare Officer  nametags ? 
  2. Yes I do - You can find them at  our webshop at gypsypatch.com
  1. I don't see the Name tag I need on the webshop. Can I call it in or email it to you ?
  2. Anything I am approved to make or that is available is on the web shop.
  1. I don't see Army or Airforce items. Can you make those for me ?  
  2. I don't hold the license to do those products .
  4. I don't want to wait. Can I pay extra and get my order to the top of the que ?  
  5.  There is no option available to do that.
  1. I want a custom patch or nametag design.
  2.  It is not cost effective to do tooling for a one-off order.  To do an embossed patch I need to vectorize the artwork, Have tooling made and make a prototype patch that looks right. I can take a look at anything you want done and give you an honest quote or tell you up front if its something I cant do.
  1. Do you have a physical store  ?
  2.   No,  Website, email & phone orders only.
  4. Can I stop by and chat or pick up an order in person ?
  5. Sorry but no -  I am  not  zoned or staffed for  local traffic.
  1. Emergency Plan
  2. We live in a crazy unpredictable world. If  an extended Internet outage or worse happens  we will conduct business via landline & USPS  at (904) 269-1369  Good ideal to write this number down just in case.   Our mail address  The Tipsy Gypsy    1532 Arena Rd  Fleming Island, FL 32003
Licensed product sales -  We have license agreements with the Marine Corps,  the Navy and the Coast Guard.  I'm allowed to sell a limited amount of Patches and Name tags . When this Cap is reached Im required to turn off sales of those items until the next license year begins.  

Licensed Patches and name tags are listed for sale at Gypsypatch.com.

  NASA  Patches:  I have permission to make and sell two versions of the meatball  The Blue & Red  and the Black & white

(904)-269-1369    or email us at     tgsales@tgpatch.com