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Official  Hobbyist of the USMC ; License  Number 20157
Official  Crafter of the  Navy ;  License Number  HOB-NTLPO-TIPG01

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Welcome .  Tipsy Gypsy has made Fine leather patches for Naval  Aviation since the 1980's .  We make our own products using methods and processes we've  pioneered and refined over the years. We don't Import or offshore . We make everything   from scratch  in the finest quality we can  produce . We are 100% Veteran owned . Our products are made by hand, right here in Fleming Island Florida  USA .

Gypsy here:
Last year was a little bumpy. The Covid situation  drove  many changes and a lot of new hoops  to jump through. The Disruptions were harsh on my production schedule .  I  was not able to  produce most of the orders we  had scheduled last year.

I'm working on picking up those that we missed or can contact -New Orders will be on hold until I get this sorted out. The site  will be the only  method of getting a patch or a nametag while I get  the shop in order.

New Orders:   Check the  Webstore for  Nametags Flags  and In Stock Patches.  webstore:  I set this up  so you can access everything I have in stock that isn't set aside for another order .  Anything you order there (Except Nametags 12 weeks ) is in inventory and gets shipped within a week in most cases.   If its there and you want it,  Use the shopping cart. -  Note: NameTags are on Pause until I catch up - You will see an Out of stock  warning  until Im able to take more orders from that venue.

   Click on the link or the A7 pic below to go to the  web store . 
                                     Gypsy's Patch Shop

                           Gypsy Patch shop


  US Govt  email addresses  make correspondence very difficult to send and receive photos and invoice attachments . Please use Gmail or other non official  email  so we can stay in contact 
   My quotes , pricing and work slot is good for 30 days.  please respond promptly.     

   We  ship within the  United  States ,and to  APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family 


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