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Official  Hobbyist of the USMC ; License  Number 22014
Official Crafter of the Navy;  License number HOB-NTLPO-TIPGY01
Official  Hobbyist of the Coast Guard  10-14-23

Gypsy's Workbench :

By Tipsy Gypsy

Welcome .  Tipsy Gypsy has made Fine leather patches for  Aviation since the 1980's .  We make our own products using methods and processes we've  pioneered and refined over the years. We don't buy things and resell,  we make everything   from scratch  in the finest quality we can  produce . We are 100% Veteran owned . Our products are made by hand, right here in Fleming Island Florida  USA .

Hey Everybody: Thank you for all the support and trusting me with your projects. I see your emails and contact forms requesting orders & restocks. I'm spread pretty thin here and there is simply no room to get anything new going right now.  I will post openings here when I am able to take on additional obligations.  This includes Single orders, organization level and corporate quotes. I do not have an eta or time frame on new openings.

Prioritys are completing existing work and web orders, getting current quotes through the pipeline and restocking flags on the webstore.

The webstore is configured to remove items that are out of stock. Only items that are available will show up in the search que or the product page.

There is no active waitlist available . I will post here if this changes. The webshop is open for anything thats available and ready to ship -  You can click the Patch shop link on the Navigation bar to the left.
               Cheers & keep your tail feathers dry,

 All services are contingent on compliance with Federal & International trademark laws. Tipsy Gypsy may require written verification and permission to use the design / graphics you provide to perform the services you are  requesting.

Thank you for your support and
    Thank you for Serving our Country
   I  ship within the  United  States ,and to  APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family 


(904)-269-1369    or email us at


(904)269-1369    or   email