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Official  Hobbyist of the USMC ; License  Number 22014
Official Crafter of the Navy;  License number HOB-NTLPO-TIPGY01

Gypsy's Workbench :

By Tipsy Gypsy

Welcome .  Tipsy Gypsy has made Fine leather patches for Naval  Aviation since the 1980's .  We make our own products using methods and processes we've  pioneered and refined over the years. We don't buy things and resell,  we make everything   from scratch  in the finest quality we can  produce . We are 100% Veteran owned . Our products are made by hand, right here in Fleming Island Florida  USA .

Last month we had some health issues within the family. Last week the storms.
Combined effect  has  wrecked my production schedule. I have plenty to do and a lot to catch up on.

 Starting now, The order que is closed,  waitlist is closed and Ill be pausing the nametag  orders  until I can get my family healthy and finish up  the work I have on the bench.
I will leave the webstore open for anything I have in stock. Existing orders  will  not be affected -  Ill work to complete them as quickly as I can.

Once  Ive caught up,  Ill reopen the order que.

Last year my Navy IP  license renewal  hit a snag and wen't in the ditch. Had to mothball  everything related to those product sales. Couldn't  do orders, couldn't sell finished stock and didn't know what to tell folks.  It was ugly.  

Kept in touch with the License office (Good people)  and they got us sorted and street legal with a new set of papers. I'm very excited to be licensed with the Navy again. Weve kept very busy with other projects and Ive managed to be as booked as I can stand to be.

We are late in the season - Im going to  reopen the  nametag  line  and put any patches that   I have  on hand back on the web.  There probably won't be time to do much restock and I have  obligated  the remainder of my capacity to  support the Squadrons.  

  • Marine Corps  and  Navy licensed Patches are on the webstore. If you  need  a patch - check available stock first. 
  • At  - Notify me button:  Out of stock items - If you want to get a heads up when more are in stock click the button and enter your email.  
  •   Its ok to shoot us an email if somethings not available - I will not be able to give you a date  of restock  but it does  help when several people need the same item.
  • Nametag ordering is automated on the webstore. Select what you want, fill in the blanks and check out.  I f you need  something I dont have on the site - send me a graphic and Ill look into it.  I am not able to do USAF,  or Army  nametags  because Licensing.
  Ive set up an automated Wait list  to help me keep track and to let you keep up with where you stand in the que.  I  have a link to the waitlist  here  "Gypsy's Waitlist"    There are around 40 slots that  open as I work through the que. Use email  to ask anything you want, and when your ready for an actual  order sign up on this list.  

 We have a selection of services  available for Creating your Project in Classic Embossed Leather.  Small  product runs are available. All  services  are contingent on compliance with Federal & International trademark laws. Tipsy Gypsy may require  written verification and permission to use the design / graphics you provide  to perform the services  you are  requesting.
  If you need our services for a future project  I have an Automated Waiting list .  Sign up with your name  and email  and it will track your place on the list until I can get to you.  You can get on the wait list  by clicking the "Gypsy's Waitlist" link here or on the upper left site menu.

Thank you for your support and
    Thank you for Serving our Country
Webstore :   I have products here that are public domain or I am licensed to make and sell  to Individuals and the general public. The webstore is not intended to take  custom orders. It is simply an easy way for you to access finished patches that are in stock and ready to ship.

   I  ship within the  United  States ,and to  APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family 


(904)-269-1369    or email us at


(904)269-1369    or   email