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Hey guys, We've been pretty busy,  New help is speeding up the backlog situation .  Im  clearing up the  oldest orders  and  several  big squadron orders .  Ill get it caught up as efficiently and quickly as  possible .  

   Folks have been calling to see if anything was available that they didnt need to wait for us to make .
 We did some house cleaning and found quite a few nice looking finished patches around the shop and hoarded away in storage bins.  Ive set up a webstore  to handle  our  in stock patches and anything else we have thats ready to  go .  The pictures are very detailed and the site should do the job . Its self contained and seperate from our  custom  production.  

 Ive got Paypal  Express set up to handle  checkout  for your card payments or you can use an actual paypal account . I also have Paypal Credit enabled if need to use it .

 Click on the link and give it a look .  Feedback is appreciated  as always .
                                     Gypsy's Patch Shop

                           Gypsy Patch shop

 If you want to be on the 2018 notification list  send us an email with "add me "  in the subject line  and list the items your looking for . When Ive reduced our backlog to a reasonable level New work will be taken from  these  emails  as I have openings . 


 DOD and other US Govt  email addresses  make correspondence very difficult to send and receive photos and invoice attachments . Please use Gmail or other non official  email  so we can stay in contact 
   Scribe will send you an Invoice quote  via email  .  The quote , Pricing and work slot is good for 30 days.  


         My Sincere Thanks for your support 

                  Tipsy Gypsy

 I hope to be a solid resource for the Aviation Community for years to come.   I am making changes to   keep us healthy and  improve  our delivery flow .  

 International Orders :  

  We  ship to  United  States , APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family



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