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We have  filled all our summer slots and a good number of our fall availability . I don't want to overbook... On  May 31  We will again limit new orders to flags and name tags only .

  Ive done everything possible to make more patches....faster....with the same quality ....
 the more we produce , the more patches people  order and the water gets deep  fast....   I have realized that we probably won't ever be able to make enough to keep everyone happy.  Im going to keep making what I can and enjoy doing it .

 We will be taking fewer patch orders  and focusing a bit more on turn-around time  with  our Name tags and Flags . I will post openings  on the website  when  slots become available .We will do our best to support our Squadrons in the production schedules  - please plan ahead.

 Our process  produces  patches of exceptional quality and durability . The drawback .... It's Time and rework intensive   There are no shortcuts . It is by nature...  a  limited  production item .

    Name Tags and Flags  :  To place an order for a name tag  / flag   simply  email  us  using one of the email links and  include the  wing type , text color,  text wording  and  tag color .  We will contact you when  production space is available .

Important Changes:
  Scribe will send you an Invoice quote  via email  .  The quote , Pricing and work slot is good for 30 days.  You will need to contact us with payment choice and confirm the order before the quote expires .and you lose your spot.

Email :  Please use  Non  Govt  Email and shipping addresses whenever possible -  We have difficulty  reliably getting email thru DOD  servers .   

         My Sincere Thanks for your support 

                  Tipsy Gypsy

 I hope to be a solid resource for the Aviation Community for years to come.   I am making changes to   keep us healthy and  improve  our delivery flow .  

 International Orders :  

  We presently ship to  Continental United  States , APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family



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         Last update   Accepting orders for  Nametags and flags  only .

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