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  I still need to complete a good amount of work from the backlog. Things should go fairly quickly as I move through the older orders and finish the que .  That said I  am only  taking orders for Nametags and Flags  until I have the  production pipeline reduced to a reasonable  level .  I will post here as soon as Im confident  that has been  achieved .  

     There are three  of us  to do  an insane amount of work -  Please be patient and understand that this is  not a mass produced  item that can be turned out  on a machine .  I will get everyone what they need in the quality we are know for .

 If  you  cant wait for me to complete the work  simply  contact Scribe  and  I can remove the order  from que  or  arrange a refund and reallocate   the  production schedule as applicable.

 To place an order for a name tag  / flag   simply  email  us  using one of the links and  include the  wing type , text color,  text wording  and  tag color .  We will contact you when  production space is available .    

We no longer have  excess Inventory available.
     If anything becomes available  Ill post it it .
         My Sincere Thanks for your support 

                  Tipsy Gypsy

 I hope to be a solid resource for the Aviation Community for years to come.   I am making changes to   keep us healthy and  improve  our delivery flow .  

 International Orders :  

   We are  temporarilly  limiting orders to  the United States and Canada  . 



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         Last update    Were only doing Flags and Nametags  until we reduce our backlog .                 

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