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Merry Christmas.  Thank you,  to all of you who are Serving the Country, Deployed or at home .  We appreciate what you do and what you give up for the rest of us . Thank you for Serving .

 Its years end here and time to close out the books for taxes,  See where we stand on last years production and see where we need to go in 2018 and fwd.

Starting 12/12/ 2017  I will be closing the Order Que  and  putting the Web catalogue into maintenance mode  while we get our 2018 offerings hashed out .  I have my hands full  with  previous orders and I need to get  caught up before adding new orders .  We have a good number of people on our contact list for 2018  and will contact you as  space becomes available .  
 Delivery Estimates can vary because of the nature of hand production.  
Our patches are hand made . We only ship the best we can produce - sometimes things  dont turn out  as nice as they should . This can require a new start or more production time than expected.

 DOD and other US Govt  email addresses  make correspondence very difficult to send and receive photos and invoice attachments . Please use Gmail or other non official  email  so we can stay in contact 
     New orders : We are not taking new orders at this time - Watch the site for updates .

  Scribe will send you an Invoice quote  via email  .  The quote , Pricing and work slot is good for 30 days.  


         My Sincere Thanks for your support 

                  Tipsy Gypsy

 I hope to be a solid resource for the Aviation Community for years to come.   I am making changes to   keep us healthy and  improve  our delivery flow .  

 International Orders :  

  We  ship to  United  States , APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family



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